Why This Blog?

I have so many thoughts and feelings brewing in my head and heart and I wanted to get them out “on paper.” I need to share and I need to write how I am feeling and what is going on in my everyday life. This blog is for me but if others find it helpful, then that is great. But I am not writing this for others, only for me.

I’ve spent over 2 years writing our story on Caring Bridge  (feel free to catch up… http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/toddminckler) and that was very therapeutic to share our journey with so many. It was a great way to communicate with those near and far, close and not so close what was going on with Todd and our family. But Todd’s journey has come to an end. And so I feel that should be the end of my writing on Caring Bridge. That was our story, his cancer, and how it affected our family.

This is for me. This is my story, my journey, my life…without him.

Feel free to journey with me and to share if something touches you. However, if no one reads this I am quite content with that also. As I said, this is for me and me alone right now. Maybe I’ll feel differently down the road.

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