Grief and joy

If you have grief then there is no joy and if you have joy then there is no grief.

Not true.

It seems like one would preclude the other but that has not been my experience. And I’m so very thankful for that.

There are times of incredible sadness, depression and heartbreak. But there are also times of laughter and joy and happiness. 

In the tears there is still joy for the love we had, the memories and the experiences. In the laughter there is still sadness that he isn’t here to laugh or experience it with me. 

So you may see me smiling or laughing and think I’m moving on or “getting better” but that isn’t the whole truth. You may see me crying or sad and think I’m stuck but that isn’t the whole truth either. 

The whole truth is that I am joyously sad or sadly joyous at any given moment. Its like a beautiful dance. Sometimes joy leads and sometimes grief leads but they are both dancing.

Grief and joy.

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