I or Me, not We

IMG_0276 (Edited)
It’s part habit, part identity.  We….

I say “we” meaning Todd and I. It’s been Todd and I for the past 27 years.

WE decided to….” -or- “WE need to….” -or- “WE should…..”

But I’m no longer part of a “we”. Now it’s just I or me.

And that sucks. I tried to think of a better, less “crass” word but that’s the one that fits. It sucks.

Sometimes I say we on purpose because that’s what it should be. Mostly though I correct myself and inwardly cringe. I don’t like it. At all.

It’s a little word that’s not small at all. My identity changed….. from we to me.

3 thoughts on “I or Me, not We

  1. Jennifer, I hear you. IT SUCKS! So sorry you’re hurting. God said that when a man and woman join together in marriage, they become one. Your “one” has been halved…..you just aren’t the same whole person you were before you and Todd becane one…..half of you is gone..for now….and that sucks here on earth. Someday, sweet friend, you’ll be whole again! But for now…IT SUCKS! Love you.


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