I have lists of things I need to get done and when I get to cross things off, it feels good!  I love crossing things off a list. It makes me feel like I’m getting things accomplished. Being Productive. Sometimes I’ll even do something that I forgot to put on my list. Once I realize it, I’ll write it down just so I can cross it off. Yep I like lists. But I especially like crossing things off my To Do lists!

I also like lists of ideas… songs I like, where to go on vacation, books to read, fun things to do with my kids, scriptures, reminders, etc….

I love to write lists.

It’s the little things that make me happy.

Todd also loved lists. I have found several of his lists in his desk, his nightstand drawer and even his bathroom drawer.

Lists of:

  • Scripture/Bible Verses
  • Gifts For Me
  • Music he Liked Or Wanted To Own
  • To Do’s at Work and Home

I love that I have items with his handwriting and that I can still get glimpses of him through these lists. They are like gifts he left for me. They tell me what was important to him: God, music, family and work. I feel as if I know what he might have been thinking as he wrote them. I can hear his voice in my head. I can see the concentration on his face as he writes what he needs to get done.

And it makes me feel closer to him and at the same time so far from him.

I love lists and so did Todd. In fact I think I became a list lover because of him. Lists can tell a great deal about what is important to you. It’s made me really think about what my lists will say about me. His lists have also made me think of the many things I miss about him.


6 thoughts on “Lists

  1. Love that you’re a list-maker and a list-cross-offer like me. So glad you have some of Todd’s lists. I hope someday somebody gets a good chuckle when reading my list that says:
    1 do list #4
    2 do list #6
    3 do list #1
    4 do list #2, 3 & 5 after lunch but before you go to bed


  2. I remember his lists at work. He used to always carry a piece of paper or a litttle notebook. I used to joke with him and tell him there was a place on his iPhone for his list. 😂
    I miss him so much!


  3. I love this entry. I’m a list person as well. Emily recognized this about me recently as she saw me creating lists after list when planning for her graduation party and as a result she introduced me to a “Bullet Journal”. We watched a few YouTube videos to learn more about them. She and I began our first Bullet Journal yesterday. Maybe this is something you would enjoy as well.

    -Sandra 😘


  4. I love finding handwritten things! Kaitlyn was a list maker too. I have a list of the songs she wanted to get and what she wanted for her birthday and Christmas. So precious. Thanks for writing!!


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